Gypsum compounds for obtaining a fully desirable effect.

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What kind of works do you intend to perform?
  • Putties and wall smoothening
  • Smoothening and levelling the entire surface of walls
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen - constant and high moisture
  • Bathroom - constant and high moisture
  • Sauna, swimming pool
  • Hall
  • Basement
  • Large, poorly heated areas e.g. churches
  • Areas exposed to impacts e.g. gymnasiums
  • Filling in cracks and irregularities (preparation prior to painting)
  • Single holes up to 3cm
  • Middle irregularities - up to 3mm per one coating
  • Large irregularities - up to 5mm per one coating
  • Walls smoothening
  • Nail and wall plug holes
  • Micro cracks, cracks and scratches up to 5mm
  • Construction scratches of 5mm width
  • Installation of cardboard gypsum panels
  • Installation of cardboard gypsum panels
  • Filling in joints in cardboard gypsum panels with tape
  • Filling in joints in cardboard gypsum panels without tape
  • Exterior works
  • Interior linings
  • Facade holes
  • Facade smooth finishing excluding BSO system (BSO in Polish - Seamless Thermal Insulation System)
  • Preparation prior to painting
  • To painter’s tape - prevents paint from getting under the tape
  • Connecting wall and ceiling
  • To be painted after 2h
  • Connecting two different substrates
  • Priming
  • Medium and highly absorptive substrates
  • OSB boards prior to painting
  • New substrates with applied putty
  • New cement or cement and lime substrates prior to putty application
  • New substrates made of cardboard gypsum panels and cut edges of panels
  • Concrete floors prior to ceramic tiles
  • Gypsum plasters prior to putty application
  • Holes, cracks prior to repair
  • Wallpapers
  • Loose substrates (e.g. peeling, flaking)
  • Cement or anhydrite screeds
  • Substrates featuring limited absorption prior to putty application
  • Non-absorptive substrates
  • OSB boards prior to putty application
  • Glass and ceramic tiles
  • Formwork and smoothened concrete
  • Oil-based paints/ dado
  • Polished gres floor
  • Prefabricated elements, made of smooth concrete formwork
  • Terrazzo tiles
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What kind of works do you intend to perform? Choose what you want to perform? Choose a substrate? Choose an interior type?

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