Ideally smooth walls with ACRYL-PUTZ® RG 21 REGULAR

Preparation of smooth, even surfaces both walls and ceilings definitely improves their later painting or wallpapering, providing an aesthetical decorative effect. Ideally smooth walls can be obtained by using the modern, ready-to-use finishing mortar ACRYL-PUTZ® RG 21 REGULAR.

In order to obtain within the interiors the effect without scratches and irregularities of the painted walls, it is necessary to take care of the surface first. Smooth, ideally white surfaces can be obtained by using a ready-to-use, dolomite finishing mortar - ACRYL-PUTZ® RG 21 REGULAR – the latest product in the offer of Sniezka ACRYL-PUTZ®.

Thanks to applying unique components it is a high-quality product at a reasonable price. ACRYL-PUTZ® RG 21 REGULAR contains specially selected dolomite fillers which improve significantly the endurance parameters of the product and ensure an easy finishing of smoothed surfaces. The mortar is plastic, easy-in-application and finishing. It can be applied both by hand as well as machine method.     The new product ACRYL-PUTZ® RG 21 REGULAR can be successfully used to prepare ideally smooth walls and ceilings within interiors, before painting or wallpapering, as well as to mount aluminium corner beads and filling joints in cardboard plaster panels. It is available in a ready-to-use formula, can be applied both to concrete, cement and lime surfaces as well as plaster and cardboard plaster ones.

ACRYL-PUTZ® mortars – when it comes to smoothening there is only one champion!

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