The second edition of advertising campaign of ACRYL-PUTZ® with mamed khalidov.

On 17 June the second stage of advertising campaign began, which had been initiated in April, of Sniezka ACRYL-PUTZ®.

Actions under the following slogan ‘The champion is only one!’ is still supported by a MMA martial arts champion - Mamed Khalidov. The campaign basing on the image of the famous sportsman can be seen on television, newspapers and the internet.

A key action also is transmission of commercials in television stations (such as TVP, TVN, Polsat, Discovery Channel or National Geogrpahic). The concept of the promotional film is based on the commercial which initiated this year’s campaign. Mamed Khalidovand a construction crew star in the film.  The film presents a funny dialogue of professional experts taking care of wall smoothening as well as the final effect of works presented to MMA champion.

The campaign will also be supported by advertisements in magazines as well as sponsored articles in newspapers. A further promotional action has also been planned on the internet such as a banner campaign , own YouTube channel and advertisements in internet browsers and VOD platforms. The new smoothening mortar ACRYL-PUTZ® is of high quality, easy in use as well as obtained effects by applying it ensures an ideal smooth and white surface. Mamed Khalidov’s image is coherent with the brand strategy. The purpose of communication is to make our customers evoke naturally with the perfect and effective expert within this field. Sniezka ACRYL-PUTZ® has all the features which stand for a champion as far as smoothening is concerned!

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