Win the championship contest of SNIEZKA!

Are you familiar with KSW and MMA abbreviations? Do you know who Mamed Khalidov is? Do not hesitate and take part in the latest contest organized on Sniezka’s profile on Facebook. By participating in the contest – ‘CHAMPIONSHIP TIME’- you have a chance to win one of 500 prizes!

The latest contest proposition of Sniezka is a ten-day great fun along with the 23th KSW Gala. The contest of Śnieżka ACRYL-PUTZ® brand, whose new face is a famous MMA fighter - Mamed Khalidov, is not only a treat for mixed martial arts fans but also for all of those who would like to try their luck on a virtual ring.

The contest rules are very simple, in order to win prizes it is necessary to answer 10 questions, as quickly as possible, about  Mamed Khalidov, KSW and Śnieżka ACRYL-PUTZ® brand, which offers smoothening mortars of wide range. Every day – beginning from 27 May till 5 June – a person who will obtain the best time will receive the main prize – a set of gadgets with Mamed’s autographs. Other 50 winners will receive an access to Pay-Per-View transmissions of 23th KSW Gala, which will be held on 8 June.

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